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Bo Ramsey - February 29, 2020

SOLD OUT -- RSVP via email to be placed on the Waiting List

Fellow Midwesterner and music legend, Bo Ramsey, will be playing Three Springs Barn to close out the month of February. With a musical career spanning a few decades and full of notable achievements, Bo is still doing what he does best--play guitar for enthusiastic crowds. As stated on his website, Bo "...has been involved in enough high-profile and low-down endeavors to have become somewhat of a legend, but a legend who still hides from the spotlights and leans away from stardom. Maybe that’s because Ramsey has mystifyingly maintained a devotion to the music side of the music business, and lets everything else fall by the side." Although he's a legend, he fits the Three Springs Barn requirement of not being a prima donna. But enough talk...If you're somehow unfamiliar with Bo Ramsey, soak in some of his straight up guitar and--the ultimate ballad for all of us Midwesterners--Living in a Cornfield.

This show was sold out before this webpage was posted. So if you're coming, you know what's expected: $20 cash at the door, quality beverages for the communal washtubs (White Claw and similar fruity abominations don't count--but, I suppose, to each his or her own), and a snack to share if you'd like. Please keep those reservations folks! RSVP to get on the waiting list. We feel extraordinarily fortunate to host this show; Bo Ramsey in Three Springs Barn will make for a memorable evening.

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