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Interested in playing at Three Springs Barn?

It’s key that we, the proprietors, like your music, because that’s really how this all started.  Point us to your website or better yet, send us a CD (one of us still loves to read liner notes) so that we can get a sense of what you’re all about.  We receive regular inquiries about playing at the barn and try to respond to every one of these, but some emails can slip through the cracks.  Additionally, because we have day jobs, our response time to your email may not be as prompt as you (or we) would like.  If you’re still interested in playing here, read on...


Here’s what Three Springs Barn can offer you:

--100% door take (usually $10-$15 a head), max seating 50

--Table space for CD sales, etc.

--Use of awesome Edwina mics from Ear Trumpet Labs

--QSC GX5 Power Amp, Mackie Pro Fx12 mixer

--QSC AD-S282HT speakers, professionally installed

--Horseshoe seating around the stage area

--Free beer (or other adult beverages)

--A very appreciative crowd


Here’s what we’re looking for:

--Ideally weekend performances

--Good music, good people (no prima donnas)

--Appreciative musicians


We’ve met many wonderful musicians through this concert series and love to welcome back our favorites.  If this looks like your type of place, we’d like to meet you too!

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