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Interested in attending a show at Three Springs Barn?
  • You MUST RSVP to reserve your seat; you can use the link on this page to do so.  PLEASE keep your reservations or notify us in advance if your plans change.

  • Please bring cash to pay at the door.  ALL proceeds go to the musicians.

  • Bring your own beverages for the communal washtubs, and snacks to share if you’d like.

  • We have a heated privy near the barn for your convenience and comfort (just follow the instructions).

  • Parking is along the road with a short walk down the lane to the barn.  During the snowy season, we'll clear a path for you.

  • We love kids, we really do, but because this is a small, listening space, if you have very young children we’d request your turn this into a date night and get a baby-sitter.  That said, we love the idea of inspiring the next crop of musicians and if you have a well-behaved child that would enjoy this (and not be a distraction to the other concert-goers or the musicians), they’d be welcome.  In short, use your best parental judgement. 


Finally, you should know from the get-go that we are not operating a business here and that the barn is, in essence, an extension of our living room.  And just as we regularly welcome strangers into our home, we are more than happy to have you--whether you know us or not--join us for an evening of live-music.  

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