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Jackson Emmer - Sunday, March 10, 2019

Rolling Stone featured Jackson as one of their "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know" in June 2018 and said he has, "Rough-around-the-edges vocals blanketed with swoon-worthy arrangements, like a stiff cocktail made with top-shelf ingredients." What we know is that he has the kind of country sound that we like (which isn't what they're playing on the radio). To see--and hear--exactly what we mean, listen to "Turn Up the Jukebox" and if doesn't get you tapping your toes, check your pulse. On the other side of the tempo coin, here's a wonderful little numbering showcasing Jackson's excellent songwriting: "Dreamers and Fools"; it's a pretty fun little video too.

For this Sunday night show, doors will open at 7:00, with music to follow at 7:30. Please note, this is the day we "spring forward" for Daylight Savings Time and plan accordingly. Please RSVP to reserve your seats. We're asking $15 for this show; bring cash to pay at the door. As always, BYOB for the communal washtubs and a snack to share if you'd like. Given the winter that we've had so far, it's anyone's guess what the weather will be like on the evening of the show, but no matter, the barn will be a warm and comfortable place and we hope you'll join us to kick off our 2019 season (yes, a little late this year).

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