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Sway Wild - September 14, 2018


We had some cancellations so seats are available.

Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer will be returning to Three Springs Barn on Friday, September 14 in their new configuration as the band, ‘Sway Wild’ (featuring drums and bass). For longtime Three Springs Barn regulars, these guys need no introduction. Dave and Mandy were part of our first season of music at Three Springs Barn and have become favorites. We hope this show feels like a homecoming for them; and you, faithful concert-goers, can help make that happen. By the time this show announcement goes live, we’ll have just a small number of seats remaining…so don’t hesitate. For those of you new to the concert series, check out the first part of this video, which features the instrumental ‘Trainwreck’ and be prepared to be wowed by the instrumental prowess of Mandy and Dave. And here’s the full band performing ‘La Loba’ from earlier this year while touring in the Netherlands. If it’s not already apparent, we love these guys, and we’re not alone. Of their last album, the folks at No Depression said, “refreshing…stunning…some of the best I’ve heard”. Check out their press page for more. We’re asking $20 for this show (still a bargain); as always, bring cash to pay at the door. For this fall show, doors will open at 7:00 and music will begin at 7:30. To reserve your seat, you must RSVP (and don’t delay!) BYOB for the communal washtubs and a snack to share if you’d like. For a parting song, it’s worth giving this one—Cat Creek—air time whenever possible. (A close observer will notice that the Sway Wild band has been around for a while, which is fantastic!)

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