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Mark Erelli - May 5, 2018

Before streaming music and before iTunes playlists, friends shared music with each other through carefully curated mixed tapes. Somewhere I have some old shoeboxes with these relics from a time in the not too distant past. And yes, they're full of memories. Mark Erelli has created a mixed tape for all of us with his most recent album, aptly titled 'Mixed Tape'. The covers he performs stem from a regular concert event called 'Under the Covers' that Mark has performed with musical friends of his at the famed Club Passim on Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass. However, this isn't a show of covers in the typical sense (that would never fly at Three Springs Barn). As one reviewer has said, "Although most listeners will be familiar with many of these ten songs, Erelli transforms them beautifully. So much so, that you may begin to prefer his versions over the originals." From the Mixed Tape album, here's "Ophelia" for your listening pleasure. And one more from that same album (and check out the band on this one Three Springs regulars), "Boys of Summer".

Although Mark will be performing the music of others for this show, you can also be assured that his own incredible song-writing will be featured. As a songwriter, Mark can hold his own with the very best of them. Here he is with Roseann Cash, singing a duet on one of Mark's very powerful recent songs, "By Degrees". And here's another, with a very cool video, from another recent album by Mark; this one is called "Analog Hero". Great stuff.

To reserve your seats, you must RSVP. Doors for this show will open at 7, with music to begin at 7:30. We're asking $15; as always bring cash to pay at the door (and feel free to throw in some all goes to Mark). BYOB for the communal washtubs and a snack to share if you'd like. We're very excited to have Mark back at the barn. If you missed him last time, please come out and join us tonight; he's a great guy and it'll be a great show.

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