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Porter Nickerson - February 2, 2018


We have had a couple cancellations due to illness. Contact us we may be able to get you into the show.

Porter Nickerson is the absolutely incredible musical duo of Willy Porter and Carmen Nickerson. Willy is, simply put, one of the finest guitar players of this or any generation...and that's not presidential hyperbole, see for yourself what the music community says about him. And Carmen's incredible vocals join Willy's playing and singing to create the complete Porter Nickerson package. Music experienced live always provides a rich experience for listeners and performers alike and Porter Nickerson exemplify the best in a live show. The on-stage banter between the two of them, stories and laughs shared with the audience, and the opportunity to see with your own eyes a virtuoso guitar player in the intimate setting of the barn..all of these things will come together to create an unforgettable night at the barn. And here's the thing--and maybe even the best thing--despite an abundance of mind-blowing talent that these two share, they're both humble, gracious, generous, human beings that will happily share a Friday night with our little community of concert-goers at Three Springs Barn. Alright, so for those of you not familiar with Porter Nickerson, here is a small selection, starting with The Echo of Love and This Time Tomorrow (visit the TTT Foundation page too.) In addition to playing, the song-writing of this duo is second to none. Here's one of Willy's that is a favorite of many--How to Rob a Bank. Familiarize yourself with this version; I believe the last year has provided the impetus for a few new verses.

Doors for this Friday night show will open at 7 pm. Guitar groupies will need to compete for front-row seats. Music will start at 730. We're asking $20 (a bargain--bring more and throw it in, no one will complain); bring cash to pay at the door. You must RSVP to reserve your seat for this show. Furthermore, if you RSVP and back-out, we will not smile kindly on you. (The doctor can set knees...and break them. Don't try her.) As always BYOB and a snack to share if you'd like. One last thing, February 2nd is Groundhog Day, a mammalogist's holiday. So, if you happen to see a mammalogist at the show, feel free to offer an appropriate holiday greeting.

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