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The Youngest - April 22, 2017

SOLD OUT - 3/26/17

Please contact us to be put on the waiting list

A full band in a small barn always makes for a fun show and we know that The Youngest will not disappoint. These guys have a fantastic sound and with a track list from their album Feral Road "perfect for a drive in your car with the windows down" (The University News), hopefully the weather for this late April show will inspire just that as you drive home with one of their albums. To get a sense for the range of their sound within one song, check out Thick As Thieves--which is absolutely perfect (and sounds really good played us.) To hear a good rollicking number, check out Built To Last (great instrumentation!)...don't overthink the video, just enjoy. As always, check out the band's website for more information: The Youngest.

It's going to be a real treat for us to host The Youngest at Three Springs Barn. Let's pack the place. Regulars, you know the drill. Newcomers, here's what you need to do: You must reserve your seat in advance of the show. To do so, RSVP. We're asking $20 for this show, bring cash to pay at the door. As always, all proceeds go to the artists. Changing to Summer Hours - Doors at 7:30 and Music at 8:00. BYOB for the communal washtubs and a snack to share if you'd like. Spring is coming (as will hopefully be evidenced by a freshly burned prairie by show time). See you soon!

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