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Mark Erelli - December 13, 2014

As a species, we convey an incredible amount of information to each other through the written word. We relate simple observations, intellectual ideas, and profound emotions through this medium. Commonly we use carefully crafted stories as the vehicle to communicate our thoughts and feelings. And some truly gifted folks set their stories to music; we call these people singer-songwriters. Mark Erelli is one such gifted individual. Needless to say, we’re quite pleased that he’s making the trek from his east-coast home to Wisconsin in December to share a few songs and stories with us. It’ll be a fine, fine evening.

Mark has recently released an album of songs from one of his mentors, Bill Morrissey, called Milltowns. Even after repeated listenings to this album, new lines of great depth continue to percolate to the surface. See this 5-star review of the album from the UK’s Telegraph, which ends with this line, “...this is a musical love letter to the importance and joy of fine songwriting.” To get some sense of what will be in store for us on this evening, listen to Mark’s rendition of “Birches”, and then read the lyrics to this song, before listening to it once again. And while we certainly can expect songs from the Milltowns album, surely we will also be treated to some of Mark’s original tunes like “Columbus, Ohio”. To learn more about Mark and hear more of his music, visit his website where you can also read some of his carefully crafted thoughts on all manner of things, ranging from the state of the music industry these days to the trials and tribulations of fulfilling Kickstarter award packages.

Folks, help us fill the barn for this show and we promise you’ll be pleased you came out for the evening. For this Saturday night show, doors will open at 7:00 with music to start at 7:30. To reserve your seat, please RSVP to We’re asking $15 for this show with all proceeds going to the artist. As always, BYOB and a snack to share if you like. We’ll fill the stove with oak, and some birch...

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