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Charlie Parr - November 14, 2014


- We will maintain a waiting list -

Early on Sunday morning walked the young dog through the prairie by the barn, a touch of frost in the low spots. Only the New England Aster remains in bloom this late in the season. Returned to the house and settled into a nice chair with a strong cup of coffee and put on some Charlie Parr tunes. Truly music that’s good for the soul.

The music of Charlie Parr is as honest as it gets. Whether he’s resurrecting a traditional tune from a century ago or delivering one of his own masterfully written songs, Charlie delivers utter artistry without pretense. And an artist he is. Hollandale, Charlie’s recent instrumental album, has been likened to a classical symphony and mentioned alongside Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ by music blogger Charles Hale and Saving Country Music has said, it “ one of those works you could hear being secured in the Smithsonian’s archives of important American instrumental music works.” But most fans of Charlie would agree that we were drawn to him by, not only his his incredible playing, but the story-telling and passion of his singing. To A Scrapyard Bus Stop is a beautiful, heartbreaking song, and for a great example of Charlie’s playing, check out his version of Daniel In The Lion’s Den (which is a good Sunday morning song too). Much has been written about Charlie’s music over the years and Charlie has been the feature of quite a few stories himself. To learn more about Charlie, check out this piece from the documentary ‘Meeting Charlie Parr’ or visit his website.

Folks, we’ve got Charlie Parr on a Friday night in the Three Springs Barn...we’re asking $20 for this show. Doors will open at 7 PM with music to start at 7:30 PM. As always, BYOB for the communal tubs and a snack to share if you’d like. We’re also encouraging folks to bring a canned food item or the like to this show, which we’ll collect and deliver to the Lancaster Community Food Pantry. To reserve your seat for this show, RSVP to My oh my, it’s gonna be a great night.

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