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Antony & the Tramps - October 18, 2014


- We will maintain a waiting list -

They call it American Gypsy. Call it whatever you want, I like it...and I liked it immediately. The careful reader of these pages will have seen references to Miles and Django. Both names of truly great jazz musicians (and also truly fantastic dogs). Jazz allows skilled musicians to play off each other, creating moods and painting images. Los Tramps does all that and more. The elements of improvisational jazz that percolates through their music is gypsy-tinged, lyrically-based pieces have roots and Americana elements, and some bass riffs bring a jam-band feel to the whole thing. In short, Antony and The Tramps is the best kind of musical stew. View and experience ‘The Warrior’ to get a full taste of the artistic capabilities of this band. And lest you think this all sounds too cerebral, Antony and the Tramps is about fun and having fun; this performance of ‘Gold Rush’ gives you a sense of that.

People, this will be quite a show. If you’re a coffee drinker, this will be a double-shot of espresso. Normally playing for roof-top crowds in downtown Chicago, we’re lucky to have these guys--all five of them--make an appearance at our barn. To learn much more about Antony and The Tramps, visit their website.

Doors for this show will open at 7 PM, with music to start at 7:30. As always, BYOB for the communal tubs and a snack to share if you like. To reserve your seats for this show, please RSVP to I’ll take another shot of that espresso please.

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