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Hayward Williams - September 27, 2014

Hayward Williams seems to surprise folks. At first meeting, he can seem quiet and unassuming. He’s frequently found in a supporting role of other musicians, out of the limelight. Clearly he ‘plays well with others’. But let him take center-stage and you’ll see that he can deliver with the best of them. Check out “What’s Coming” to see, well, what’s coming to Three Springs Barn. I think many folks agree that it’s the voice that comes out of this guy that will first stop you in your tracks. As Tim Merricks of Americana-UK said, “He may look fresh but Hayward Williams sounds like a moody delta blues grunge sharpshooter with strong overtones of ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ era Springsteen mixed with classic Dire Straits.” With several well-received albums already in his quiver, it’s great to know that Hayward isn’t slowing down and in fact, word on the street is that a new album is in the works. And maybe, just maybe, this song ‘High Street’ will be on it. We’ll plan to ask him in person about it at the show. To learn more about Hayward, check out this mini-documentary and visit his website.

For this show, we’re back to our fall and winter hours and doors will open at 7:00 PM with music to begin at 7:30 PM. As always, please reserve your seats for this evening with an RSVP to We’re asking $15.00 at the door per person, with all proceeds going to the artist. BYOB for the communal beverage tub, and a snack to share if you like. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll light a fire in the stove tonight.

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