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Jack Klatt - June 28, 2014

Here’s a recipe for a fine day: 1) during the A.M. hours grab your fishing pole and a friend (canine or otherwise) and head down to some shady spot along the Mississippi where the bluegills are biting, 2) grab a burger and beer in your favorite riverside bar for lunch, 3) take an afternoon nap (been up for awhile after all), and 4) in the P.M. grab a six of fine beverages and head on up to the Three Springs Barn to mix it all together with the music of Jack Klatt. Chill for a few hours. Best shared with friends.

Minnesota Public Radio says, “Klatt melds burlesque, blues and gypsy jazz in a way that inspires good vibes no matter what’s being sung about” and Sound and Tonic says, “If you ever wanted a John Steinbeck character to crawl from his novel and take up the life of a traveling musician, then Jack Klatt is your man.” This video of Jack singing, “I’m going to miss you...” gives you some sense of what his music’s all about. Check out his website for much more.

For this show, doors open at 7:30 PM and music will begin at 8:00 PM. Please note our summer hours. As always, please reserve your seats for this evening with an RSVP to We’re asking $15.00 at the door per person, with all proceeds going to the artist. BYOB for the communal beverage tub, and a snack to share if you like. Follow the recipe folks, and it’ll turn out just fine.

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