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Jeffrey Foucault - June 30, 2013

I first became familiar with the music of Jeffrey Foucault in the spring of 2003, while still living in Nebraska. The chain of events involved hearing a brief story on The Be Good Tanyas on NPR, which lead to a bit of exploration on the internet (dial-up, back in those days) to track down more of their music, which led me to CD Baby, where the album of the month (or something of the sort) was Foucault’s, Miles From The Lightening, which caught my attention. I gave it a listen and I was a big way. Life being the interesting string of events that it is, when a short time later I found myself applying for a position at UW-Platteville, one of the truly exciting prospects of the position was the fact that Jeffrey Foucault had played at their Acoustic Wednesdays series in the student center. Sadly, the Acoustic Wednesday series did not last, but not before I had the opportunity to see Jeffrey play right on campus. Fast forward a decade and several concerts and many albums later and, for my money and tastes, Jeffrey’s in a class with some of the best of the best. But don’t just take my word for it, this press says it better than I can.

In short, if you’re not familiar with the music of Jeffrey Foucault, I encourage you to check out his website and then promptly reserve your seats for this show (see below for details) because space is limited and this one will fill quickly.

If it’s not already apparent, we are truly excited that Jeffrey will be playing the Three Springs Barn. As already stated, seats are limited and will go very fast and MUST be reserved in advance. To reserve yours, please RSVP your attendance to $15.00 suggested donation at the door. Doors open at 7; music at 8. BYOB for the communal beverage tubs. You are welcome to bring a light snack to share too. Come early and enjoy the day’s end on the prairie.

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