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Foghorn Stringband - February 19, 2013

I learned of the Foghorn Stringband in 2006 when I first started exploring the old-time music scene. I up and bought three of their albums that summer (Rattlesnake Tidal Wave, Reap What You Sow, and Weiser Sunrise) and later traveled to the Minnesota Old-time Music and Bluegrass festival to see them play. And they did not disappoint. As the kids say, these guys are the bomb. If you’re already a fan of old-time music, then you surely know of Foghorn. If you’re not sure that old-time music is your thing, here’s what you should know: old-time is not bluegrass. This is front-porch, in the kitchen, around the wood-stove music (not sparkly suits, up on the stage doing long solos music). This is music best experienced live (preferably in a barn); these guys will shake the place up. This music is as honest as it gets.

As a huge fan of the Foghorn Stringband, I’m extremely excited that they’ve agreed to play at the Three Springs Barn. Recognizing that a Tuesday night may be a little challenging for our usual crowd, here’s what we’d like to propose:

--Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:00

--Well-behaved kids welcome (well-behaved adults welcome too)

--Light snacks and beverages (both adult and kid types) welcome

--Suggested donations as follows: $15 for single; $25 for couple; $35 for families

To learn more about Foghorn, visit their website and check out this great review of their latest album, Outshine the Sun.

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