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Peter Mulvey - January 18, 2013

We are ecstatic to announce that Peter will be performing in the Three Springs Barn on Friday, January 18th. Doors open at 7 PM with music at 7:30 (or so). For those of you not familiar with Peter, here are a few tidbits:

--Peter has 18 albums to his name and a very devoted following all over the place

--Peter plays all over the place...several shows annually in Wisconsin, in addition to national and international venues

--A finer songwriter and musician you are not likely to find. See this press about his latest album. Take note of the second page of adulations.

--In addition to outstanding music, Peter has a great stage presence. And he’s good people. Did we mention that we’re ecstatic to have Peter playing at the barn.

For returning concert-goers, you know the drill. BYOB for the communal beer tubs. You are welcome to bring a light snack to share too. (And you know about the bathrooms, right?)

Note, because Peter is such a class act (did I mention we’re ecstatic...), we’re asking $15 from concert-goers for this show; as always, all door take goes to the artist. RSVP to reserve your seat now. Tell us how much of a Peter Mulvey fan you are (or want to be) and we’ll give you special consideration.

We’d love a packed house of folks looking for a fun-time on a cold night. If there’s snow on the ground, prepare to slip-and-slide to the barn. We’ll hitch up Miles and Django for those that need some assistance.

To learn more about Peter and to stream some of his music, visit his website.

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