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Live Music.

Intimate Setting.

The Experience

An evening at Three Springs Barn is a special experience.  Wood stove and wooden chairs, washtubs of beer, and of course at the heart of it all, musicans performing so close that you can practically read the set list at their feet.  Our professionally installed sound system provides an outstanding aural experience from any seat in the house.  And at Three Springs Barn, the music is always our focus...we're a listening crowd and we give the musicians our full attention as they perform.  But there's no doubt about it, the barn setting does seem to add to the experience.  Whether it is the quiet squeak of a rocking chair, the scent of wood smoke from the stove, or a knowing glance from a neighbor seated across the floor who's enjoying the show as much as you, a musical experience has hardly felt more intimate, honest, and shared.  So whether you pick a seat to maximize your view of the guitar player's fingerboard, or opt to be as cozy as possible by the stove, or select a rocker in the back of the room where you can close your eyes and let the music wash over you as you sip on a beverage, we encourage you to settle in with us for a fine, fine evening of music and fellowship.  


The Community

A community of regular concert-goers has developed around the Three Springs Barn concert series.  We're a collection of people from all walks and stages of life, all brought together to enjoy an evening of live music and fellowship.  If you're a musician, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic and appreciative crowd.  And make no mistake, it's the committment of the Three Springs Barn audience that has kept this series going.    Music brought us together and as a result, new relationships have developed that would not have existed before.  So whether it's your first show or fifteenth, we're glad to have you a part of the Three Springs Barn concert community.

The Music

We're fortunate to host professionally touring musicians at Three Springs Barn. They've come from Boston and Portland, Chicago and Minneapolis, Denver and Ashville, Iowa City, Madison and beyond. It's original music and outstanding players from many genres:  old-time, bluegrass, classic country, Americana, early blues, New Orleans jazz, soul, American Gypsy, and more.  It's lyrics where every word matters, it's tight ensembles where every player adds the perfect sound, it's the crowd leaning in on the quiet songs and clapping and hooting for the solos.  It's a little bit of all of that and more.  Come and experience it for yourself.    

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