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John Statz and Josh Harty - August 30, 2014

Friends that make music together enjoy a special bond. There’s just something about giving life to the music, the creative and emotional energies at play, that is deeply gratifying for those involved. When friends--especially those that don’t frequently see each other--share the stage, we listeners are in for a real treat. On August 30, friends John Statz and Josh Harty will perform an evening of originals and favorites at Three Springs Barn...and yes, it’ll be a real treat. Coming together to make music in August is something these two have done before, as reflected in the title of their first joint album together, 12 August, which they recorded during a short stop-over in Denver, Colorado on a rare day that neither had shows scheduled.

Many of our concert-going faithful saw John Statz perform last summer at Three Springs Barn. As one No Depression review states, “he has an uncanny knack for conveying feeling and taking the listener inside of each song.” We’re very pleased to welcome John back to the barn and our home. Josh Harty will be making his first appearance at our venue and we’re excited to have him. Having seen Josh earlier this summer at the Sh*tty Barn, we know he’s a real crowd pleaser. One reviewer states that he has “...a warm, intimate performance style. You can ease into his songs from the first note and his voice has that perfect combination of resignation and hope.” Between the two of them, this will be a great evening of music, stories, and renewed friendships, both old and new. We hope you’ll join us. To learn more about both artists in advance of the show, visit their websites; here for John Statz and here for Josh Harty. For a great show preview, check out this video of Josh and John doing, World of War.

For this show, doors will open at 7:30 PM and music will begin at 8:00 PM. Please note our summer hours. As always, please reserve your seats for this evening with an RSVP to We’re asking $15.00 at the door per person, with all proceeds going to the artist. BYOB for the communal beverage tub, and a snack to share if you like. End your summer with some great live music at the Three Springs Barn!

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